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spidi motorcycle clothing updating your old kit. Review Motorcycle jacket reviews Spidi mesh Jacket. Proper motorcycle clothing isnt supposed to be designed for comfortable couch lounging; it must fit snugly so that it doesnt twist, pull, grab.

Spidi, spidi is a top Italian brand of motorcycle wear and offers a full range of protective wear. The motorsport lifestyle concept holds the spidi brands traditional mission. The steady effort in improving the quality of motorcycling is vital to safety, comfort and styling. The success of a product is essentially bonded with its capacity to satisfy motorcyclists needs - protection against cold, rain, wearing, along with its styling and functionality. Spidi motorcycle clothing has been developed from extensive research, racing experience and safety zinkoxide testing. A long tradition of world class riders have been collaborating with spidi from the late 70s onwards. From the 500 days to the modern Motogp riders, from Freddie spencer to cal Crutchlow and many other riders in this class and World Superbike. We support riders with the most helder advanced technology, safety devices and have worked alongside them to improve the motorbike experience for everyone. The great range of spidi technical clothing offers motorcycle wear for every rider.

spidi motorcycle clothing

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Hjc, hJC has been designing and manufacturing high quality protective helmets since the early 1950s. In 1971 the factory turned all of its attention to motorcycle helmets and set itself the simple goal of providing high quality, comfortable, and reasonably priced helmets to motorcyclists throughout the world. This goal came a step nearer during the 1990s when hjc became the American top selling motorcycle helmet - a position it has held ever since. Today hjc is available in every corner of the globe and is quite simply the worlds biggest helmet brand, producing more helmets than any other products marque. The range now encompasses the full spectrum of helmet types, with the widest selection of graphics, materials and price points. Hjcs focus remains on building helmets of remarkably high quality, with extraordinarily generous specifications and at unbelievably reasonable prices. Put one on your head and see for yourself why hjc has a reputation to protect.

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spidi motorcycle clothing

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spidi motorcycle clothing

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