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Cosmetic damage is that which only affects the nocifs appearance of a material, or affects its functionality to only a minor degree. Some examples are minor localized granule loss from hailstrikes to asphalt shingles, or hail dents in metal vents, gutters and downspouts. Cosmetic issues also vary with the type of roof-covering material installed. Insurance companies may or may not pay for cosmetic moisturizer damage. An example of when an insurance company might pay for cosmetic damage is when the damage results in a financial loss to the policyholder, or if reimbursement is required by state or local law. Whether cosmetic damage may be compensated for also varies somewhat by the policies of various insurance companies, and how each policy is written. A loss is usually interpreted to mean a loss in the homes value. An example of this might be an expensive copper roof which is badly dented by hail. . A loss may vary by location. If the copper roof is in a highly visible portion of a high-end home, damage may more likely be paid for than if it were on a portion of a second-story roof which is barely visible from the ground. Even when a damage claim is paid, payment may be half of the replacement cost, or even less.

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Defining hail damage, although it may be relatively short, this is one of the most important articles in this series. For insurance purposes, hail damage to roofing-covering materials is defined as either "functional" damage or "cosmetic" damage. Being able to determine the difference between the two is crucial, and has long been a point of contention between members of the insurance industry and members of the roofing industry, primarily because of ignorance of or disagreement over basic criteria. Functional Damage, functional damage is damage which: diminishes the ability of a roof to shed water; and/or reduces the roof's expected español long-term service life. Functional damage varies with different types of roof-covering materials. Wood roofs will show functional damage differently than asphalt and tile roofs. Cosmetic Issues, damage which doesnt meet the definition of functional is considered cosmetic. Cosmetic issues may be discoloration or damage which doesnt affect the lifespan of the roofing material or reduce its ability to shed water.

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We have room for buses and RVs too! We even have a customer rest room that is stuffed with old shop models that we are selling! That always draws lots of fun comments. There are 15-ish of us who work in the shop. You'll recognize names when you call on the phone, converse via e-mail, or come in the shop - most of the gals have been here way over 5 years - and a few of them over 15!  we love our shop and our customers - whether walk-in or 'remote' - and love showing you all the fun things we have! 74145 (918) Fax: (918) 493-1933, toll Free order Line: (888) 543-7004. Store hours: 10 - 6 cst, Monday - saturday.

cosmetic company logos

And even toss in a recipe for something yummy! We have a comfy couch in our Vera Bradley area - it has hosted many-a-napper over the years! There are cabinets and cabinets of beautiful totes, handbags, scarfs, e-covers for every electronic device you love, cross-stitch organizers, cosmetic bags, and great travel pieces. That little couch comes in handy for the ones you wear out while you're shopping for Vera Bradley! The website is always *up* on the computer in the shop - it is a terrific reference tool. It's tucked on the wall behind some of our lovely flax clothes - do take a look at those!

We carry sizes Petite through Generous One! We're conveniently located only 2-1/2 miles off I-44 - the old Historic route. If you have a chance to stop - we are 5 minutes from the Interstate. There are bookstores, sporting goods stores, car washes and woodland Hill Mall as well as wonderful restaurants all around. Our parking lot kruidvat is huge. But you can drive right up to our front doors and park 8 feet from those doors.

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Favorite designers are many! We have special places in the shop for Just Nan, lizzie kate, the Drawn Thread, jeannette douglas Designs, bent Creek, pine mountain, Shepherd's Bush, just Another Button Company, mill Hill, vera Bradley, jbw designs, little house needleworks and country cottage needleworks. I could go on and. From Antique sampler charts to tiny ornament charts - we have it all! We have literally thousands of stitched models in the shop - covering the walls, tucked into corners, stuffed into the display cases, and unfortunately - sometimes piled on top of each other on the tables circle because we're out of room for them all! We're home to secret needle night, a monthly kit full of specialty threads and fun embellishments that is mailed to you each month. Always stitched on larger count linen, exclusive stockists designs, we follow seasonal and holiday themes.

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We custom cut fabric sizes, too! Enjoy permin, Zweigart, northern Cross, r r, picture This Plus, and week's dye works linens and hand-dyeds. Edinborough, belfast, cream cashel, aida, tula, klostern, lugana, jobelan, i can go on and on with names and brands, but you get the idea! Our Scissor Collection is fantastic! We carry literally hundreds of different scissors! Dozens of styles from dovo of Solingen, germany - - they are our favorites! We carry ginghers - both the limited editions and regular stork embroidery scissors. We have kelmscott Storklettes, and all her novelty scissors, some sullivan's, Uncommon Scissors, bohin from France and Premax from Italy. Magnifying Lamps by Craftlite are a popular 'power tool' for stitchers!

We are the only flax retailer in all of Oklahoma! The pics you see on these pages are some of the shop gals, our displays and some of our favorite customers, who were kind enough to let us include them in the pics! We have skeins, spools, balls and hanks of cotton, silk, wool and metallic and overdyed threads. Some of our featured companies are rainbow Gallery (Fyre werks, Alpaca, very velvet, wisper are just a few of their threads dmc - both floss and Perle cottons, Kreinik metallic Braid and Blending Filament. Gentle Art Sampler Threads and Gentle Art Simply wool, weeks dye works hand-dyed flosses, perle cottons, and their line of Hand-dyed felted wool. Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses and Perles as well. Our evenweave fabric selection is huge - we have an entire aardbeien fabric wall of 42 shelves full of fabrics ranging from 7 to 40 count.

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Welcome to our website! The silver needle, an independently owned needlework shop specializing in counted cross stitch, has been in business since 1983. We have 4,000 square feet of everything Cross Stitch! Tons of stitched models, lots of neat scissors, luscious fabrics and threads, and beautiful Vera Bradley totes and organizers. Silver needle is a vera Bradley gold Retailer. In 2011 we added the line of ladies apparel - flax. It is a collection of organic linen clothing - it just seemed perfect for us linen-loving stitchers!

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