11 During the fashions of the period, many women wore dresses which bared the bosom and shoulders. During the victorian period, social attitudes required women to cover their bosom in public. For ordinary wear, high collars were the norm. Towards the end of the victorian period (end of the 19th century) the full collar was the fashion, though some décolleté dresses were worn on formal occasions. (see 1880s in fashion.) In 1884, a portrait painting by john Singer Sargent of American-born Paris socialite, virginie amélie avegno gautreau, was criticised 12 when she was depicted in a sleek black dress displaying what was considered scandalous cleavage and her right shoulder strap fallen. The controversy was so great that he reworked the painting to move the shoulder strap from her upper arm to her shoulder, and Sargent left Paris for London in 1884, his reputation in tatters. The painting was named " Portrait of Madame x ".

low cut dresses in the front wearing a dress with a square neckline. Low square décolleté styles were popular in England in the 17th century and even queen Mary ii and Henrietta maria, wife of Charles i of England, were depicted with fully bared breasts; and architect Inigo jones designed a masque costume for Henrietta maria that fully. 8 9 In aristocratic and upper-class circles the display of breasts was at times regarded as a status symbol, as a sign of beauty, wealth or social position. 10 From the renaissance onwards, the bared breast even invoked associations with nude sculptures of classical Greece that were exerting an influence on art, sculpture, and architecture of the period. 9 After the French revolution décolletage become larger in the front and less in the back.

Contents, etymology edit, décolletage is a cialis french word which is derived from décolleter, meaning to reveal the neck. 1, the term was first used in parfum English literature sometime before 1831. 2, in strict usage, décolletage is the neckline extending about two handbreadths from the base of the neck down, front and back. 3, history edit,. Indonesia (especially in java a breast cloth known as kemben was worn for centuries until the 20th century. Today, shoulder-exposing gowns still feature in many Indonesian rituals. Gowns which exposed a woman's neck and top of her chest were very common and non-controversial in Europe from at least the 11th century until the victorian period in the 19th century. Ball or evening gowns especially featured low square décolletage designed to display and emphasize cleavage. 4 5 During that long period, low-cut dresses partially exposing breasts were considered more acceptable than they are today; a woman's bared legs, ankles, or shoulders were considered more risqué than exposed breasts. 6 In 1450, Agnès Sorel, mistress to Charles vii of France, is credited with starting a fashion when she wore deep low square décolleté gowns with fully bared breasts in the French court. 7 Other aristocratic women of the time who were painted with breasts exposed included Simonetta vespucci, whose portrait with exposed breasts was painted by piero di cosimo.

low cut dresses in the front

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This article is about women's fashion and necklines. For that portion of a woman's anatomy between her breasts, see. For art technique related to collage, see. Décolletage /dɪkɒlətɑʒ/ (or décolleté, its adjectival form, in current. French ) is a term used in woman's fashion referring to the upper part of a woman's torso, comprising her neck, shoulders, back and upper chest, that is exposed by the neckline of her clothing. The term is most commonly used in Western female fashions, and is most commonly applied to a neckline that reveals or emphasizes cleavage. Low-cut necklines are a feature of ball gowns, evening gowns, leotards, lingerie and swimsuits, among other fashions. Although décolletage does not itself prescribe the extent of exposure of a woman's upper chest, the design of a décolleté garment takes into tablet account current fashions, aesthetics, social norms and the occasion when a garment will be worn. Though neckline styles have varied in Western societies and décolletage may be regarded as aesthetic and an expression of femininity, in some parts of the world any décolletage is considered provocative and shocking.

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low cut dresses in the front

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low cut dresses in the front

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Low cut dresses in the front
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