Again, i was not attracted to this perfume or the twin. Both were sugary messes without dimension. I tried hard to like them that day, because i wanted to buy something to bring back to the States, yet I could not bring myself to enjoy and walked away empty handed and with a full wallet. I wondered how well this perfume fared in France, and as I was waiting for the métro, i saw read that it wasn't even in the top. Coco mademoiselle, la vie est Belle, chanel n 5, narciso rodriguez, and j'adore were in the top. (Surprisingly, j'adore has been a best seller in France since i was 11-12 years old when it came out. The French love it, despite the reformulation, and despite the simple shampoo-y vibe Americans get from it).

is guerlain makeup good a thing or two about perfume and the aura and vibes they intend to create through marketing and that was my gut feeling or intuition at the time. Perhaps I was (am) d i am curious to know what others think. October 2015, i am in Paris with my family and i am at browsing at one of the beautiful department stores in the world: le bon Marché. In the guerlain section, i sniffed all the exclusifs and then, re-smelled Mon guerlain and its twin Mon Exclusif.

I was immediately taken aback and, curious, i walked to this counter. I laid my eyes on the new creation and proceeded to smell. I was totally underwhelmed by the sugary mess. At the time, it seemed like a weak, sweet, masculine-leaning, cloying mess, indeed. I thought to myself that this would be a marketing flop due to the juice but also to the choice of Angelina jolie. Back then, i thought she was a poor choice to represent the brand. Not that I have anything against Angie; i applaud her activism and humanism, her fight for human rights in Africa, and her work at the. I applaud the inclusivity of her family. I like that she's a strong woman who has defied dictates of society. All that being said, i could not see her as the face of a guerlain perfume. The maison sodium guerlain ought to have selected a more traditional, chic, and perhaps French lady.

is guerlain makeup good

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Hello all: I will preface this review by saying that it will be a bit lengthy, detailed, and that we will go back in time. I have not penned a review in quite some time, but will try to express my feelings towards Mon guerlain as eloquently as possible. I will take you from me hating it to me loving it in the span of almost 4 years. About 3 years ago, location. My peeling first encounter with the perfume happened at the duty Free of the Americas shop on my way to colombia. Every stop at the airport mandates a trip to the perfume store. So there i was, sniffing everything old and everything new. Lo and behold, i saw Angelina jolie's face on an ad in the guerlain section.

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It looks especially good from a conversational distance. It does become shinier as the day goes. Pores: It does not settle into pores (but doesnt erase them as promised either)! Wrinkles: Settled into wrinkles no matter how it was applied, but it has a light texture that doesnt accentuate wrinkles in spite of the fact that its settled into them. Wear: Without primer the wear is awful.  it didnt last 5 hours. With primer it lasts from 8-10 hours.

is guerlain makeup good

It almost made it to the 10 hour mark before starting to get patchy and thin. It did get increasingly shiny as the day wore on but its a soft shine thats still mainly flattering. Day 3: Brush with Primer setting Powder. Today i used the hourglass veil Mineral Primer again and applied with. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush * and set it with, tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay finishing Powder * which gave the same results as the two previous applications (sheer medium coverage that needed concealer, didnt settle into anti pores, but did settle into wrinkles).

5-hour Check-In: The staying power was improved by primer, and setting powder controlled the shine better. 10-hour Check-In: At 10 hours it still looked good from a conversational distance, but up close, it was patchy on my nose and chin! It felt drying by the end of the day (not sure if that was the foundation or the setting powder though). Overall Performance, coverage: It provides sheer to medium coverage thats fool-proof to apply. It dries quickly so building it up can be difficult. It covers tonal issues well, but blemishes and darker spots need concealer. Finish: It has a natural looking semi-dewey finish that lends a youthful and slightly smoothing quality to the face.

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I dont consider under 5 hours long wearing 10-hour Check-In. Surprisingly, it didnt deteriorate much after the 5 hour mark. From a distance it still looks good, up close, not-so-much. Day 2: Blending Sponge with Primer, today i added primer to see if I could get longer wear out of the foundation. I applied a thin, even coat.

Hourglass Mineral veil * and used a, beauty Blender * to apply the foundation after the primer had set. The result was pretty much the same as when applied with fingers except the coverage was more uniform and even when i used the sponge. It looked really good from a distance but from up close, it again settled into lines and wrinkles on my forehead and under eyes. It didnt accentuate pores and had a lovely skin-like finish. 5 hour Check-In, the addition of the primer helped it to last a lot longer! . I saw a friend who told me my face looked great and asked what foundation I was wearing!

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Its got a light watery texture thats a dream to blend. It blends easily and seamlessly and left a soft glowy finish that was very flattering and youthful. It covers laser redness and tonal issues very well and freckles and blemishes are partially covered. Spot concealer would be needed to provide a flawless look. . It did not settle into pores hoofdhuid but did settle into the horizontal lines on my forehead slightly although you couldnt tell unless looking at it super close. It didnt give me the polka-dot pores but it didnt erase them either 5-hour Check -in, after just 5 hours its wearing off on my nose, cheeks and chin revealing the redness it disguised so well just a few hours prior. The foundation is already breaking up on the surface and separating so the mica flecks are visible and making me look more shiny.

is guerlain makeup good

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The recommended application method is to apply a few drops to the face with fingertips. Blend from the centre outwards and towards the neck until achieving the ideal coverage. Lingerie de peau contains an spf of 20 courtesy of Titanium dioxide and Octinoxate. Its mainly water, silicone, and alcohol and doesnt contain any anti-aging or moisturizing ingredients. . The fragrance is quite strong and I notice it every time i apply this foundation but it dissipates quickly. . The texture is a runny liquid that spreads easily over the skin. I used it 3 times with 3 different application methods and had pretty much the same results each time which makes this one of the most fool-proof foundations ive ever used! Day 1: Fingers no primer, i applied as nails recommended by applying a few drops and blending with my fingers from the center outward.

Those are some pretty big claims! So lets see if it can actually deliver. Lingerie de peau retails for a whopping.00 for. And comes in 10 Shades. . The shade range is pretty narrow with 5 neutral shades, 2 rose shades for pink undertones, and 3 shades for more yellow-based undertones. I got my sample in 03 beige naturel which is smack in the middle of the neutral shades. Surprisingly, its an excellent match for me! It comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser and requires shaking before use.

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In todays foundation Friday for over 50 Ill be putting. Guerlain Lingerie de peau invisible skin-Fusion foundation * to the test to see how it performs on less-than-perfect mature skin. The guerlian website says: This intangible foundation becomes one with the skin like a second sensual covering to make it more beautiful than ever. Its secret: the bio-fusion micro-mesh, an unprecedented combination of smoothing and shaping stretch fibres and natural linen and silk fibres in complete affinity with the skin. The foundation glides on like a silk stocking. The little nothing becomes everything Sublimely transparent, the complexion becomes as soft and radiant as silk. The curves of the face are tightened and imperfections are erased. . The nine shades of the range are so skin-fusing and natural that they leave no visible colour on the face, simply a glowing, long-wearing tone that leaves the skin looking natural. .

Is guerlain makeup good
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