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Wire wrapping was used for splices and for finishing cable ends in suspension bridge wires and other wire rope rigging, usually with a smaller diameter wire wrapped around a larger wire or bundle of wires. Such techniques were purely mechanical, to add strength or prevent fraying. In the late 19th century, telegraph linemen developed methods of making a wire splice that would be strong mechanically and also carry electricity. The western Union splice was the strongest of such wire-wrapped splices. The wraps could be coated in solder for even greater strength and to prevent oxidation between the wires. 5 Manually wrapped wires were common in early 20th century point-to-point electronic construction methods in which a strong connection was needed to hold the components in place. Wires were wrapped by hand around binding posts or spade lugs and then soldered. A modern wire wrap in a cfl modern wire wrapping technology was developed after wwii at Bell Laboratories as a means of making electrical connections in a new relay being designed for use in the bell Telephone system.

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Also, to make an assembly more repairable, wires are applied in layers. The ends of each wire are always at the same height on the post, so that at most three wires need to be replaced to replace a wire. Also, to make the layers easier to see, they are made with different colors of insulation. In space-rated or airworthy wire-wrap assemblies, the wires are boxed, and may be conformally coated with wax to reduce vibration. Epoxy is never used for knie the coating because it makes an assembly unrepairable. Application considerations edit Wrapped Z80 computer backplane 1977 Wire-wrap works well with digital circuits with few discrete components, but is less convenient for analog systems with many discrete resistors, capacitors or other components (such elements can be soldered to a header and plugged into.

3 The sockets are an additional cost compared to directly inserting integrated circuits into a printed circuit board, and add size and mass to a system. Multiple strands of wire may introduce cross-talk between circuits, of little consequence for digital circuits but a limitation for analog systems. The interconnected wires can radiate electromagnetic interference and have less predictable impedance than a printed circuit board. Wire-wrap construction cannot provide the ground planes and power distribution planes possible with multilayer printed circuit boards, increasing abercrombie the possibility of noise. 4 History edit wire wrapped backplane of an ibm 1401 computer, introduced in 1959 Wire wrapping comes from the tradition of rope splicing. Early wire wrapping was performed manually; a slow and careful process.

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The wire and 14 in (6.4 mm) of insulated wire are placed in a hole near the edge of the tool. The hole in the center of the tool is placed over the post. The tool is rapidly twisted. The result is that.5 to 2 turns of insulated wire are wrapped around the post, and above that, 7 to 9 turns of bare wire are wrapped around the post. The post has room for three such connections, although usually only one or two are needed.

This permits manual wire-wrapping to be used for repairs. The turn and a half of insulated wire helps prevent wire fatigue where it meets the post. Above the turn of insulated wire, the bare wire wraps around the post. The corners of the post bite in with pressures of tons per square inch. This forces all the gases out of the area between the wire's silver plate and the post's gold or tin corners. Further, with 28 such connections (seven turns on a four-cornered post a very reliable connection exists between the wire and the post. Furthermore, the corners of the posts are quite "sharp they have a quite-small radius of curvature. There are three ways of placing wires on a board. In professionally built wire-wrap boards, long wires are placed first so that shorter wires mechanically secure the long wires.

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The sockets have square posts. The usual posts are.025 in (0.64 mm) square, 1 in (25.4 mm) high, and spaced.1 in (2.54 mm) intervals. Premium posts are hard-drawn beryllium copper alloy plated with.000025 in (630 nm) of gold to prevent corrosion. Less-expensive posts are bronze with tin plating. The two holes at the end of a manual wire wrap tool. The wire goes in the one near the edge, and the post is inserted into the hole in the center 30 gauge (0.0509mm) silver -plated soft copper wire is insulated with a fluorocarbon that does not emit dangerous gases when heated. The most common insulation is " Kynar ". The 30 awg kynar wire is cut into standard lengths, then one inch of insulation is removed on each end. A "wire wrap tool" has two holes.

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Solder-less breadboards and the decreasing cost of professionally made pcbs have nearly eliminated this technology. A correctly made wire-wrap connection for 30. Awg wire is seven turns (fewer for larger wire) of bare wire with half to one and a half turns of insulated wire at the bottom for strain relief. 1 gezond 2, the square hard-gold-plated post thus forms 28 redundant contacts. The silver-plated wire coating cold-welds to the gold. If corrosion occurs, it occurs on the outside of the wire, not on the gas-tight contact where oxygen cannot penetrate to form oxides. A correctly designed wire-wrap tool applies up to twenty tons of force per square inch on each joint. The electronic parts sometimes plug into sockets. The sockets are attached with cyanoacrylate (or silicone adhesive) to thin plates of glass-fiber-reinforced epoxy ( fiberglass ).

Wire wrapping is unusual among other prototyping technologies since it allows for complex assemblies to be produced by automated equipment, but then easily repaired or modified by hand. Wire wrap starskin construction can produce assemblies which are more reliable than printed circuits: connections are less prone to fail due to vibration or physical stresses on the base board, and the lack of solder precludes soldering faults such as corrosion, cold joints and dry joints. The connections themselves are firmer and have lower electrical resistance due to cold welding of the wire to the terminal post at the corners. Wire wrap was used for assembly of high frequency prototypes and small production runs, including gigahertz microwave circuits and super computers. It is unique among automated prototyping techniques in that wire lengths can be exactly controlled, and twisted pairs or magnetically shielded twisted quads can be routed together. Wire wrap construction became popular around 1960 in circuit board manufacturing, and use has now sharply declined. Surface-mount technology has made the technique much less useful than in previous decades.

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This article is about electronics manufacturing and prototyping techniques. For the jewelry-related topic, see wire wrapped jewelry. Close-up of a wire-wrap connection, wire wrap was invented to wire telephone crossbar switches, and later adapted to construct electronic circuit boards. Electronic components mounted on an insulating board are interconnected by lengths of insulated wire run between their terminals, with the connections made by wrapping several turns around a component lead or a socket pin. Wires can creme be wrapped by hand or by machine, and can be hand-modified afterwards. It was popular for large-scale manufacturing in the 60s and early 70s, and continues today to be used for short runs and prototypes. The method eliminates the design and fabrication of a printed circuit board.

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