Swarms often choose hollow cavities as nesting sites. Criteria for a nesting site include few and small entrances, shelter from the environment (i.e. Wind, predators, sun and rain and preferably a dry location with southern exposure. Inside the cavity, honey bees build their comb entirely out of beeswax secreted from the four sets of glands located in a worker bees abdomen. This wax is mixed with saliva and kneaded into the consistency at which it can best be molded. The comb is formed and shaped by the workers into hexagonal cells, set back-to-back. Honeycomb, unlike most other social insects, which build their cells hanging vertically, honey bees build their cells horizontally. The cells are angled up at about 130 from base to opening to keep the honey from running out.

royal pollen society with adults and young sharing the same dwelling, and they exhibit a co-operative behaviour. No individual honeybee can survive on its own. They are all dependent on each other. Honeybees cannot be domesticated, but they are just as much at home in a man-made hive as they are in a hollow tree or cave.

Honeybees are herbivores and not aggressive creatures by nature. They only use their stinger if they feel threatened. Most people are stung by the more aggressive yellow jackets or wasps. The study of the honeybee in the classroom will provide students with a fascinating look into the life of one of the "social insects". It will increase the students knowledge about the role of this insect in the ecosystem, and help to bruiden alleviate the unjustified tuxedo fear which many people have towards them. It would also serve as a good introduction and preparation for a field trip to a commercially run apiary. Background, honeybees have been present on the earth for millions of years. One of the oldest agricultural pursuits known to man is beekeeping. Early settlers to north America had a limited and expensive source of sugar, so honeybees were exported from Europe to establish apiaries here. The honey and beeswax gathered were used for many purposes.

royal pollen

Bee pollen, royal Jelly, propolis and Raw Honey products

Originally compiled by Glen. Introduction, insects are by far the most numerous group of animals in the world. Butterflies are considered beautiful and wonderful to hold, but few people will pick up a praying Mantis. Most of us consider insects ugly and pests, especially if they are found in our homes. Yet without them zuurstoftherapie the world, as we know it would be a vastly different place. One third of the human diet is derived directly or indirectly from insect-pollinated plants. An estimated 80 percent of insect crop pollination is accomplished by honeybees. When people think of bees they usually only think of one thing - the sting.

Bee, pollen, royal, jelly, propolis and

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royal pollen

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Bee, pollen, royal, jelly, propolis

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