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nature secret kosmetik juga pasti ada! #conclusion what I like : gak iritasi di mata sangat affordable dan gampang dicari kemampuan membersihkannya oke! "Ishtar" was a day that commemorated the resurrection of one of their (ancient Babylonian) gods that they called "Tammuz who was believed to be the only begotten son of the sun-god.

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She was so despondent and sad that she was willing to do almost anything to get her slain son back (she must have felt like dying, as well)! So (in a supernatural or esoteric way she did just that: she let the whole pagan world know that she had followed him into the underworld! Because of her great love for her son, she pleaded for his return, while down in there. With all of these pleas, she began to feel that the spirits or gods of the underworld were judging her as heretical. They may have even killed her while down there, and hung her body up on display (for all to see). Yet, in her absence, something horrible was going on in the world above them. The entire terrestrial earth seemed to be just as sad and despondent as Semiramis was, because of this loss; and began to show it by the loss of fertility and life! Crops ceased to grow; animals seemed to stop reproducing; etc. Unless something was to be done, soon, in the underworld, the upper, natural world above them - and all life on it - might begin to head towards the same dire end as Nimrod.

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He was none-other than the what cornerstone god the ancient pagans worshipped all three, of course, were nothing of Christian origin. This is the actual story: first, as we recall from Origins of Babylon part 2, shem (a son of noah) actually killed Nimrod, and cut his cialis body into little pieces. We recall that he sent a piece of Nimrod to each area dominated by his Babylonian kingdom as a message of fear and compliance. Shem wanted people to turn back to god, and get off of the babylonian bandwagon or else. Nimrods mother and wife, semiramis, had to use her noggin during this time; and quickly.

She had to come up with something to deflect it all. She also needed a way to maintain her power over the pagan populous at this time of crisis; maybe even accentuate her own significance. It all depended on what kind of story she could cook up; and who would buy. So, she needed to come up with a good one. She did it; and, heres the way she was able to snake her way into keeping power and control over the despondent Babylonian people - with religious hyperbole. After Nimrod (now to be known as Tammuz ) was martyred (by that evil God-lover semiramis (now to be known as Inanna, or Ishtar ) was totally griefstricken.

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1)5 seems to be more to it all, besides samsung just Ishtar. In the above, we see that there were two other gods, here, at least; one was even known as the only begotten son of doesnt this sound familiar to many? Jesus was known as the only begotten son of God. But who was this Tammuz? As well, who was the sun-god? Yes, there just might be another story behind our modern-day easter; an ancient one - with parallels to be commemorated in the changes of nature, from then. This may vette actually be the real roots of our Easter holiday. So, to let the cat out of the bag a little early, here, well discover that Easter is, in large part, the remembrance of the murder of Nimrod : the pagan builder of the tower of Babel (see origins of Babylon - part 2 ). As our revealing progresses, well also see that Tammuz (or Damuzi) was only another name of this pagan Nimrod; and Ishtar (or Inanna) was actually another name of the babylonian Semiramis.

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Wow the goddess of spring? Wasnt this holiday supposed to be ubiquinol about the son of God? As we dig deeper into this subject, we, first, need to ask ourselves: who just might this goddess be? Would any woman, or goddess, have anything to do with the death and resurrection of Christ? And, if she did have some kind of role, here, why would she be related to spring time? We now see another, more popular meaning of Easter: it comes from the ancient goddess of pagan Babylon! In Babylonia the goddess of spring was called Ishtar.3 And, we also see that: Ishtar was actually pronounced easter in most Semitic dialects4 so, what would be this day of Ishtar? "Ishtar" was a day that commemorated the resurrection of one of their (ancient Babylonian) gods that they called "Tammuz who was believed to be the only begotten son of the sun-god. The pagan Origins of Easter.

At this time of Easter, jesus was supposedly accredited as the triangles agent behind the renewal, or return, of the sin- filled world Adam helped sink us all into - into something better. Now, jesus provided another way - giving the populous a new way to salvation. Yet, easter, as well soon see, now seems to be tied more to things which look a lot more pagan, overall: the cycle of the seasons; the welcoming of spring; the fertility of the land; etc. What does it all have to do with nature? Well now see that Easter could, in actuality, be the celebration of a resurrection, rebirth, or return of someone but who, exactly? Lets see, one source claims that: The word. Easter is of Saxon origin, eastra, the goddess of spring, in whose honour sacrifices were offered2.

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A day honored by most in contemporary Christianity as celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Yet, "the vast majority of ecclesiastical and secular historians agree that the name. Easter and the traditions surrounding it are deeply rooted in pagan religion."1 really? How could this be? What would any of the ways of God have to do with the paganism of ancient, babylon ; and beyond? And, if these roots were really so, why does it still continue today? If the easter story only stands as a remembrance of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, then it is symbolic alibaba of his return from death; a release of the devils hold on the ancient world.

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