The use of eau de cologne, particularly in a country that had not yet adopted the habit of regular bathing, formed an integral part of the personal care routine. Perfumes, however, tended to be regarded with some disdain mdashcepted for the scenting of handkerchiefs and, perhaps, clothing, but the preference of the era for the body's natural odor and a socially coded modesty, which frowned upon individuality, kept perfumes from the skin. Guerlain would become credited for changing much of this perception and for helping to usher in the rise of a true perfume industry. Guerlain's shop provided him with proximity to his clients and afforded him a keen awareness of the type of products they desired. This early "direct marketing" would become a company hallmark, but it also allowed guerlain to introduce the concept of personalizing his perfumes. In this he was aided by no less a personage than Honoré de balzac, who commissioned guerlain to create an eau de toilette for Balzac alone-the scent by which the author would write. A new trend began, and guerlain found himself in demand to create personal scents not only for his clients-or as gifts of tribute made by a client to another-but also to scent a specific party and even to perfume the pages of a magazine,.

for his own preparations. Before long, guerlain's catalog boasted a variety of creams, lotions, ointments, and oils, including a creme "nivea" and bear fat from Canada, but also cosmetic products, such as nail polish. To these, guerlain quickly added his own fragrance compositions. It was not long, however, before guerlain began concentrating his efforts on developing perfumes. Although scents had long been popular in France, an actual perfume industry barely existed in the early 19th century.

As such, guerlain joins such other prestigious names in perfumes and fashion as Christian dior, givenchy, kenzo, christian Lacroix, louis vuitton, berluti, and champagnes including moët chandon, veuve cli"Ponsardin, and Pommery. The acquisition, while ending guerlain's long independence as a family-owned and operated company, valued guerlain at more than FFr 4 billion, double the company's annual revenues. In 1996 moët-Hennessey louis vuitton (lvmh) completed its acquisition of 100 percent control of guerlain. Christian Lanis has served as president of guerlain since 1994; however, jean-paul guerlain, the company's "nose" since 1956, continues to participate in the creation of guerlain perfumes. The Emperor's Perfumer in the 19th Century. The guerlain dynasty was founded by pierre-François-Pascal guerlain in Paris in 1828. Born in Abbeville, guerlain left home at a young age, reportedly to escape the violent nature of his artisan father. Guerlain journeyed to london, where he received an education as a chemist. Upon his return to France, guerlain went to paris, where he set up shop on the rue de rivoli as a " perfumeur vinaigrier " (perfumer and vinegar-maker). Initially, guerlain sold products imported from England-already attracting an upscale clientele. It was not long, however, before guerlain began creating his own products, fillers establishing a studio on the Place de l'Etoile.

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Reference for Business, company history Index, health and Personal Care Products 125 rue president Wilson 92595 levallois Perret. France, history of guerlain, few names are as famously fragrant as guerlain. One of the creamed oldest continuously operating perfume houses in the world, guerlain has created some of the world's most durable fragrances over its 170 years-indeed, many of guerlain's perfumes are said to capture the spirit of their times. Jicky to the best-selling, shalimar and, samsara and the company's most recent, Champs-Elysées, introduced in 1996, guerlain's scents have established a worldwide reputation for quality, luxury, and elegance. In conjunction with its perfume products, guerlain also produces bath accessories and skin care products, as well as cosmetics and skin care products under the. Guerlain operates a chain of 23 boutiques throughout the world, continuing the long-held policy of direct marketing and individual customer service that has enabled the company to remain at the forefront of perfume fashions. Perfumes form approximately 60 percent of guerlain's total sales; Shalimar and, samsara each account for 15 percent of guerlain's perfume sales. The company sees more than 70 percent of total sales outside of France. Since 1994 guerlain has been a subsidiary of moët-Hennessey lvmh (FFr 30 billion in 1996 when this world leader in the luxury goods segment, led by bernard Arnault, purchased a majority share of the family-owned perfumer.

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guerlain headquarters

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Guerlain (French pronunciation: ɡɛʁlɛ) is a french perfume, cosmetics and skincare house, which is among the oldest in the world. Guerlain has a large. Jas Hennessy &., or more simply hennessy, is a cognac house with headquarters in Cognac, France. Jas Hennessy &. Sells about 50 million bottles a year worldwide. Distributes fragrances around the world for a variety of logo fashion brands, celebrities and lifestyles. The corporate headquarters of United Perfumes is headquartered. 10020 Cambiano (TO) Tel. E-mail (Industrial Design and Architecture.

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